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This web page will convert your name into something stupid, and it might make you laugh, but it's more likely to annoy or offend you.
It uses centrifugal pseudomagic plus a whizbang quantum mechanical lexical discombobulator that only the High Wizards of Whatnot will ever understand.
Please don't sue me.

The results of submitting this form are guaranteed to be crude, offensive, tasteless, insensitive, and possibly even stupid.
Therefore, this web page is inappropriate for use by anyone of any age.

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Latest Names Generated

Boobie McBartleshorts
Cheeseball McCootietush
Cheeseball McLiverbrain
Chim-Chim McStinkerhead
Doofus McPoopants
Dumbshit McLiverhead
Dumbshit McStinkerhead
Dumbshit McThunderbreath
Goober McBubblehat
Goober McTroggpants
Loopy McGizzardpants
Loopy McLiverhead
Lou Rothsmann
Ramses McLiverbrain
Ramses McThunderchunks
Snotty McBubblehat
Zachariah Krumstein
Zsa-Zsa McLiverbrain

I don't try to do bad things with the info you provide here. Use at your own risk.

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